var order = new Order() { Customer = User.Identity.Name, OrderDetails = (from item in dto.Details select new OrderDetail() { ProductId = item.ProductID, Quantity = item.Quantity }).ToList() }; Notice that we use the ProductID and Quantity properties, and we ignore any values that the client sent for either product name or price. complete picture of a web development effort, spanning multiple technologies to be of any real value to you. If the product ID is not valid, it will violate the foreign key constraint in the database, and … form -- that will come next. It includes information about the items and/or services that should be provided by the business, the description of each item, and the amount that should be given by a customer in exchange of the goods from the seller. It is very easy to build a form, see this 2 minute video. or you can select a specific item number on the product page itself. This form uses the placeholder attribute instead of the