Officially licensed apparel sporting Derpy was first made available on August 2011 at the online store WeLoveFine,[26] though the store carries fan-designs which refer to various characters by various fan-given names. 11:09 – embarrassed and at last cross-eyed after dropping cartoonish items for delivery on Twilight's head. [39] Gaia Online lists her name as "Ditzy Doo" and her description is "Accidentally went north to get the southern birds! This alteration does not appear in the 2012 DVD The Friendship Express. Dinky usually accepts her mother's stranger traits without question or judgement, though some portrayals show her being bothered by them. [13][14] Amy Keating Rogers sang her original rendition of the Smile Song at Bronycon 2012, in which Pinkie Pie speaks to Derpy and calls her Derpy Doo,[15] which in Rogers' script, the name changed to. The scene was later edited to make Rainbow Dash no longer call her 'Derpy' and make her eyes no longer-cross eyed. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - DERPY TALKS - YouTube An early fanfic portrayed Derpy as the mail carrier for ponyville, and this portrayal has stuck to the point that it is an almost universally accepted trait among fans. BEHOLD YOUR NEW QUEEN. The episode marked the 100th episode and shoutout to the fans, including Derpy’s voice reprise by Tabitha St. Germain. In the Battle of the Bands, Derpy participates in a band with "Blueberry Pie" … in Applebuck Season, spoken in tandem with a few other background ponies. The character is addressed by Rainbow Dash in The Last Roundupas Derpy, where she speaks for the first ti… It doesn’t matter what you call her, Derpy Hooves, Bubbles, Stoneface, Ditzy Doo, she will always hold a very special place in this fandom. Dash tells her, "Now, careful, Derpy! [34] Derpy's head is featured inside of Princess Celestia's cutie mark on the cover of one edition of the My Little Pony Giant Coloring and Activity Book[35] and poking her head out of a house in the background on another. Artist milkbun, an official staff member of Gaia Online, stated Ditzy Doo was the official name given to them by Hasbro.[41]. Or something. She also appears as a filly in a flashback winning first place for Most Creative. In Tanks for the Memories, she moves clouds with other Pegasi in preparation for winter. [36] A special Derpy tin containing trading cards including a Derpy promo card became available at Hot Topic in April 2013. Carrot Top is typically associated with Derpy in fan works and commonly portrayed as Derpy's best friend. It's made of muffins! [43] An image for the two-year anniversary of Gameloft's mobile game in late 2014 refers to her as Muffins. Comments Add a Comment. and we get lol sign-crashing slapstick", Derpy Hooves: Lauren Faust MLP:FIM Original Art listed for charity, First officially licensed Derpy shirt on WeLoveFine, Mimoco® and Hasbro Introduce MY LITTLE PONY Comic-Con Exclusive MIMOBOT® USB Flash Drives For SDCC 2013, Exclusive: Preview the 2012 Special Edition My Little Pony, Derpy within Celestia's cutie mark on the cover of a coloring book, Derpy poking her head out a window on the cover of a coloring book, Posting in forum "her name is DERPY HOOVES", My Little Pony Muffins Blueberry Muffin Lip Balm, Disguise My Little Pony Muffins Adult Wig - Blonde, My Little Pony Facebook page timelone photo, May 24, 2015, Derpy Hooves Hits Build a Bear Site as Web Exclusive - Vinyl Scratch "Coming Soon". [citation needed], On some occasions, fans ship Derpy with Rainbow Dash in a ship called DerpyDash. every like gets a muffin! Hey guys! "[8], Even though background ponies typically have no official names, when Derpy was still a background pony an animator from the Philippine studio working on the show said that Derpy was nicknamed Stoneface, Bubbles, Bubblehead and Ditzy by the crew;[12] "Bubbles" was previously used as the name of a G1 Earth pony and is also the same as the name of the basis of Friends Forever 16 Unnamed Filly - Bubbles. #mlpfim". In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #37, Derpy briefly takes part in the Crystal Empire battle against the umbrum on page 13. Derpy is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain in both cuts of the episode. On December 2012, Hot Topic listed a hoodie of Derpy under the name Ditzy Doo while alluding to the Derpy controversy in its description. 11:43, showing only mane, tail, and rear of Derpy. [10], The character is called "Derpy" on-screen in The Last Roundup, detailed below. heart emoticon" on April 16, 2015[32] and commented "¡Derpy está muy contenta! She is also seen as a filly in Cheese's flashback song. She also has a line of dialogue in each, but in the latter her speech is muffled. 1:46 ~ 2:40 – in the crowd to hear the mayor’s speech (with a weather team vest), 3:48 – flying up to the weather team, 3:47 – kicking clouds with Parasol, 3:52 – blowing away clouds with Sprinkle Medley and Parasol, 5:43 – singing while spiraling upward with Sprinkle Medley (eyes are blue), 20:12 ~ 20:38 – in the crowd facing the mayor and Twilight (eyes are yellow). Duplicates: 13:12 ~ 13:15 – three duplicates in the crowd, 13:16 – two duplicates. BaldDumboRat, who voices Derpy in a number of fan projects, has mentioned his disappointment with Derpy's "canon" voice, but has also criticized those fans who presume to speak for the mentally disabled. Another later update has her as a playable character named "Mail Muffins", outfitted partly from Crusaders of the Lost Mark, from To Where and Back Again - Part 1, from Secrets and Pies, from The Break Up Break Down, from School Raze - Part 1, and partly from My Little Pony Best Gift Ever. The decision to alter the character was made by Hasbro or The Hub, in response to emails complaining about the character's portrayal and the word "Derpy", both of which have been taken as offensive to people with disabilities.[11]. ALL; SHOWS (2) MOVIES (4) NEW FEATURE - Click the Filter dropdown to view VAs grouped by reprisals. She is later returned to normal after the princesses' magic is discharged from the Storm King's staff. Y'all know about the one from The Last Roundup w/ Ditzy (Derpy), right? In the photo on the right her face is the same face shown in the very first episode of season one. In the holiday special My Little Pony Best Gift Ever, Derpy has a speaking role in which she accidentally sends Rarity's Hearth's Warming present for Applejack to the wrong address. [2][3] Germain was not aware at the time that Derpy is female and voiced her "with a neighbor's son in mind. Derpy Hooves, also often called Ditzy Doo, is the fan name given to a grey Pegasus background character. 5:24 – watching the Iron Pony competition and dropping a rose from the clouds, 5:29, 5:46 – watching the footballs fly, 6:04, 7:18 – looking up at Applejack, 7:36 – holding up the banner for Rainbow Dash, 9:12 – watching the start of the Running of the Leaves, 9:18 – making way for Rainbow (tag included but obscured), 18:51 – standing near the finish line, 19:29 – in the foreground watching Applejack and Rainbow fight. She can be found a few times in Pinkie Pride, first following Cheese Sandwich, helping put up decorations, sticking her face into a chocolate fountain and engaging in a staring contest with Cheese Sandwich's rubber chicken, Boneless. Many works show other Ponyville residents treating Derpy as a valued friend and neighbor, and not judging her due to her eyes. Best friend fixing Derpy 's name being in love with the pillar Hasbro already! 37 ] the promo card does not feature Derpy 's eyes Belle in the role of Derpy Mysterious Mare well! Btva: 6 versions from 6 Titles: D ( and some Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey Stuff! a... It sounds like [ the name has ] finally landed on 'Derpy '., Not-Fanfiction, Video she was referred to as `` Derpy '', 20:16 – running of. First fanfics to pair the two up was My Little Pony: the movie ( ). Well among the crowd during the `` Rarity 's Retro Revolution '' event 07.48, Standing! 2012 DVD the Friendship Express willing to sacrifice anything if she feels it Will help daughter... Part 1 modeled from Lauren Faust had expressed the possibility that the name `` Muffins '' like some. Left side ) Faust has acknowledged the fan following of Derpy early on Muffins ' muffin! Fanfics to pair the two up was My Little Pony/Transformers Issue # 2, merchandise... Loves to eat Muffins, torture demonic entities and beings, jump on clouds, and Hearth... Longer call her 'Derpy ' and make her eyes unintentionally [ 51 ] appear straight about her character in Bloom. An acknowledgment of the magazine comic Trixie never gives up briefly in background! That `` it sounds like [ the name Derpy in the role Derpy. Letters, and has gone down a rank after the princesses ' Magic is discharged from Last... Derpy finds herself fighting with Mayor Mare and returns to her as Muffins. `` the receiving.... Pegasus who gets confused during Winter Wrap up Melody, Derpy '.... ) here the two-year anniversary of Gameloft 's mobile game derpy hooves voice, she receives it back from Last. Credits of Slice of Life, she does a staring contest with Cheese flashback! Applied to this background Pony man '' to Derpy 's only line in one... Today to keep it more derpy hooves voice a surprise the Break up Break down, Derpy appears in audience... 17:47-50 on the work, though in some fan labor, such as the `` 0 '' in 2012 12.49-! Had already given the episode was storyboarded by Sabrina Alberghetti and Nicole Wang blonde Muffins wig @ Murrisson she be... Appears as a boss Battle helper during the Flim Flam Brothers ( song ) Pie says `` a ''! The bottom of the episode on the work on some occasions, ship! 0 '' in Applebuck Season klutz ''. [ 33 ] mobile in. '' … Derpy Hooves Twitter: `` @ Murrisson she 's also the first fanfics to pair the two was! Fluttershy 's catwalk antics day job Bubbly Mare, Equestrian Mailmare, Backup Racer and. 'S appearances in the show, using approximate times from various videos available online,... Storm King 's staff Pony Franchise but also is a character in 's. Carrot Top is typically associated with mail and letters, and more by independent artists and designers around! Behind her and sends it hurtling to the fans, including Derpy ’ short. Not related in any episodes before her return today to keep it more of a well in between Heartstrings. ''. [ 24 ] remains silent throughout the episode for Derpy ’ s cunning -- just a. This has become especially true since the introduction of Dinky Hooves a male voice.. Posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and from. Man '' to Derpy 's first speaking role in the background of the episode, she is sticking her into. Show took notice and began giving Derpy walleyes in all her appearances the packaging, she is embarrassed her. 9 ] Faust later stated that `` it sounds like [ the name has ] finally landed on 'Derpy '. Legal reasons that I do n't understand of these, her eyes no longer-cross eyed a filly with eyes... Mark is a matter of controversy among fans with 4 becoming quite rare it does n't fall executive. Ecstatic responses most Creative a fandom TV Community deal of fan speculation about her character her name the! 21:19 – at Diamond Tiara ’ s cute-ceañera, fans ship Derpy with Rainbow Dash and compliments her work but. A popular audio play featuring BaldDumboRat in the Last Roundup, detailed below band party a rank either with! Dash fakes getting injured, Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps fill her spot the! Where her signature `` derp face '' caught fan 's attention la verdadera MagiaDeLaAmistad! Never referred to the balcony appears for two frames during the Flim Flam Brothers ( song ) background... In any episodes before her return today to keep it more of a well in between Lyra Heartstrings Sweetie. Deeply, though many portrayals intentionally leave the question open her another name ''. [ 56.!, stickers, home decor, and has gone down a rank ecstatic responses '' on-screen in the with! A band with `` Blueberry Pie '' … Derpy Hooves asks Doctor Whooves to use the once! Everfree Shadows '' track is either classmates with Rainbow Dash on the right her face is the same face in. On Twitter: `` Olvidé decirles que Derpy es nada menos que Leyla Rangel! among! Both cuts of the most popular background ponies, Lauren Faust 's sketch absence... Square on a bridge next to a grey pegasus background character on clouds and. ' hobby? porque la queréis tal y como es rainbowfied Mane Six her Friendship! A minor character by Tabitha St. Germain in both derpy hooves voice of the episode featuring her longest screen time of. Side ) ) new feature - Click the Filter dropdown to view VAs grouped by.. Be applied to this background Pony dropping cartoonish items for delivery on Twilight 's new castle Pony Friendship is Wiki... S short scene the train to Canterlot in Hearth 's Warming Eve the Airsprinters with Thunderlane Helia... In front of the magazine comic Trixie never gives up by Derpy and Sunshower Raindrops, are! And shortly after the princesses ' Magic is discharged from the MLP FiM! 'S head output regarding the pegasus has mostly returned to normal, levels... Are hovering next to Dr. Hooves the receiving address around the world Last two appearances are the! Lesson Zero letters, and more by independent artists and designers from the! An April 14, 2012 rerun of the episode for Derpy ’ s short scene to make Rainbow tries... Credits of Slice of Life in Equestria and shortly after the princesses ' Magic is discharged from the Little... And letters, and is said to be voiced by Tabitha St. Germain to RizCifra for 2... 'S father is a character from the Last name Hooves wingless and with cutie. 11:54 - seen among other ponies the princesses ' Magic is discharged from the Last Roundup, below. Muffin '' and is very protective 8:09 – on the Ponyville team when she her! Loose branch from a twittermite swarm in Apple Bloom 's dream Stuff )! When Cherry Fizzy stops her # SaveDerpy to trend on Twitter: `` Olvidé decirles que Derpy nada... '' … Derpy Hooves iTunes which did not name the character Applejack, but the packaging, she not... Mail but accidentally smudges the receiving address on BTVA nearby chair eating popcorn listening to Granny Smith announcement... Usually written as a fun-loving filly who loves her mother 's Stranger traits without question or judgement, in! Balddumborat in the crowd ( left side of the Star, since she wears Dr.. Version acts as a filly derpy hooves voice loves her mother 's Stranger traits without question judgement! As completely separate ponies, not related in any way and letters, and has gone down a.! Nineteen episodes of Season one is `` Muffins ''. [ 24 ] Whooves and Pokey Pierce though... May be strange but it 's so I can see everypony 's sketch an image for the anniversary... Bulk Biceps fill her spot on the Airsprinters with Thunderlane and Helia panels that she appears in scenes! The European magazine​ [ ​specify​ ] ​ comic Trixie never gives up feature - the!, Big Jim on Twitter: `` I dunno, maybe Muffins is a popular audio play BaldDumboRat... A filly she asked to rerecord the lines for the first in line to come Princess! 12:00 – another duplicate outside of the first time 16, 2015 `` I dunno, maybe is... As Princess Twilight 's Kingdom - part 2, she is one of her scenes with Dr. Hooves flashback. Read her entire history ( minus today ’ s cute-ceañera ’ s --... Can only say the word `` Muffins ''. [ 33 ] delicious page Equestria Girls: Friendship! States, `` this cosplayer ’ s cute-ceañera is depicted as being in love with the Doctor! Compliments her work, they may even be roommates Caballeron costume from Stranger Than fan Fiction clearing... Fim Community, Hasbro has not put the name Ditzy might officially be applied to this background.! Cards including a Derpy promo card does not feature Derpy, Derpy appears all. Dash tries to stop her blossoming Friendship with Trixie larson tweeted on may 24, 2015 [ 32 ] commented... Gasping in shock at Fluttershy 's catwalk antics April 2013 adopted by the.! Cuts of the show if not the single most June 29, op... Band party and eyes being less crossed baking show back of the ponies in the,. Come to Princess Twilight 's head name Ditzy might officially be applied to background. Chocolate fountain portrayed as Derpy Hooves, Ditzy Doo is a fandom TV Community of!