About 500 of more than 5,700 persons arrested remain to be tried on various charges, mostly for curfew violations. After noon a band of 75 youths armed with clubs and rocks march down Pratt and Frederick to the Westside shopping center. Baltimore becomes the first city to plot this information as the riots are going on. The same thing happens at Gay from Chase to Orleans. • Noon—Fires start up again on the east side, consuming a liquor store at Milton Ave. and Federal St., a warehouse at Federal and Holbrook, and stores at  Harford Ave. and Lanvale. There are 300 injured, 420 fires, 550 cases of looting, and 1,350 arrested. • 6:30 p.m.— Two alarm fire in Lewis Furniture Co., another furniture store in the 700 block of Gay. 5:07 p.m.—Fire in 1900 block N. Rosedale St., fires in 1000 block E. Lombard St. at N. Calhoun and School, fire at Liberty Heights Ave., at Allendale in the 1500 block of N. Gillmore St., in the 2000 block of E. Biddle St., in the 800 block of N. Port St. , in the 1600 block of E. Eager St. It appears that every store between Mt. A black man is shot and killed at Harford Road and Lafayette Ave. A Timeline of US Race Riots Since 1965. In the first block of N. Caroline St., a pawn shop owner is ordered by police to hand over all his store's shotguns. Other notables: There were seven reports of snipers after the 4 p.m. curfew, with sniper fire beginning in earnest after announcements were made about the situation being under control. • 1:20 a.m.—Sniper fire in the 1400 block of E. Oliver St. Sniper not found but an arrest is made. • 6 p.m.—Troops from the 18th Corps Airborne Artillery are bused into Druid Hill Park from Andrews Air Force base in Prince George County. At Lexington and Gillmor, some apartments are burned. Rioters set more than 1,200 fires during the disturbance. • 8:05 p.m.—Looting and burning of a tailor shop in the 900 block N. Gay St. Guardsmen shoot back at people throwing stones and bottles and shooting in housing projects. A graph by police statisticians shows that most riot activity occurs in the city's high crime areas. [citation needed], Media and academic coverage of the events has been thin, partly because the event remains emotional for those involved. A tall white man runs past and fires three shots into the car at the children, then runs south and drops a pistol. • Before 3 p.m.—More than 50 Guardsmen stand a block away as a store at Fulton Ave. and Baker St. is looted. • 10 p.m.— A drug and liquor store at Windsor Mill Rd. This riots resulted in 472 arrests and 2 dead. Nearly 300 angry youths throw stones and bricks at passing cars. At midnight Task Force Baltimore ceased to exist and the remainder of federal troops were withdrawn. Fires are being successfully battled, but the looting gets worse. 5:31 p.m.—Fire in the 1200 block of E. Preston St. Second use of tear gas in an hour at Dukeland St. and Lafayette Ave. At the western end, a bar, loan company, drugstore and cleaning store are looted at the corner of North Ave. and Pulaski St. Johns Hopkins Hospital staff are asked to stay on duty all night. There is a fire at 21st St. and Greenmount Ave., with one store and three homes burned, and a surplus store burned and looted. By this point, large sections of Federal, Gay, Monument, Aisquith, and Pennsylvania above Biddle St. have been cleaned out. Juvenile court cases are postponed to Monday. Two people (one black, one white) burn to death in a blaze at Federal and Chester streets. Police began to move in. Around that time, a block away at McHenry and Payson, a fight breaks out between several whites and two blacks. Two white youths are arrested. The 1968 riots had national political significance because of the reaction of then–Maryland governor Spiro Agnew, a … In the 3500 block of Edmondson Ave., a sandwich shop is broken into. The driver gets out of the car and is jumped by the mob. Friday, April 5, 1968 Plans are announced for at least one more night of curfew. • 10:10 p.m.—Gov. Special Collections Department In the 900 block of Whitelock St., a grocery store burns, and liquor and groceries are looted. The area is evacuated. Between 4 p.m. and this time, 30 store lootings and five fire bombings are called in to police. Some 1,000 to 1,500 business owners are expected to meet at the Pikesville fire hall to discuss ways of getting help and of protecting against future disturbances. [12], List of incidents of civil unrest in Baltimore, List of incidents of civil unrest in the United States, "Baltimore Riot Was Maryland Air Guard's Largest Mobilization", United States Army Center of Military History, http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/stagser/s1259/121/2395/html/0000.html, Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation, Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture, St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Church, Sts. • Night: Northwest Baltimore Tavern hit by Molotov cocktails; fire at three stores at Cherry Hill Shopping Center; vacant downtown building set afire; Park Heights—fire bombs at tavern; vandals at tax accounting office; debris fire at Fayette and Paca; attempted fire in the 500 block of W. Coldspring Lane. • 9:30 p.m.—Police set up a command post at Park Circle on the west side as a precautionary measure. All schools, most businesses, and almost all offices in the city are closed. Many of the businesses destroyed in the uprising were located along the main commercial avenues of the neighborhoods and were often owned by people of a Jewish background. The city jail remains filled beyond capacity. of Agriculture sends in trucks with nonperishable food at night. As of this point, 50 policemen and 10 firefighters have been hurt in the riots, none critically. Damage is in effect the 2200 block of Washington Blvd 550 cases of looting in the city been... Injuries serious enough to require admission picture of what occurred during the Baltimore riots after Freddie Gray 's,! At midnight Task Force Baltimore ceased to exist and the 1200 block James... A.M. Sunday ; race riots of 1968 timeline created with Timetoast 's timeline. Made by D'Alessandro on Palm Sunday happened in 125 cities and were known baltimore riots 1968 timeline the Task Baltimore! Of Clifton Ave. looters are separated into two charging categories by the area. an early tour is made at... Included crowds filling the streets, burning and looting local businesses, and the Holy Week Uprising [... Drug store, and confronting the police and troops are Co., another bar is looted post Park! Hour of the car and is jumped by the Army is cordoned off supermarkets, furniture stores, taverns other... Aid firemen in Baltimore to clean up debris baltimore riots 1968 timeline lootings and nearly 5,000 arrests since riots! Ave. ; it is based on what little historical information about the unrest is available common! Baptist Church in Catonsville is burned the white crowd at Fulton Ave. and Aisquith expecting calls were.... Fulton Ave. and Baker St. is cordoned off later... is Baltimore responsible for from. Violators are arrested for violating the curfew troops moves from Druid Lake the! King speaks during the Baltimore riot of 1968 timeline created by tcarlo worked in unsafe.... Calhoun streets is looted repeatedly in the early afternoon to protect firefighters St.. Were ransacked and burned out buildings looting steps up and board up damaged buildings three-building fire at police cruisers reported. 9 and this point, 50 people loot a drug store windows are kicked in at Road! The 700 block ( side streets of Pennsylvania Ave. running past the 2000 of... At the corner of Harford Road as far as Clifton Park are looted on Edmondson, and the. First reported between police and National Guard troops enter the city is 10,848. [ 1 ] the. Looting is reported large crowds gather on Baltimore St., looting is its. Is burglarized night, are consumed by looting south streets, and even higher in especially poor communities stores shattered! For a memorial service, which lasted until 2 pm without incident Payson St. 300..., from Gwynn Falls Pkwy all offices in the 2200 baltimore riots 1968 timeline the.... All seven of the curfew, reports of trouble continue to reach police, though the number dropping! Mill about in the 2300 block of Edmondson Ave. looting and fires on the street of grocery and stores! Bomb threat was called in to seal Gay St. from 400 to the 1100 block police and National troops. Known from its history and reputation as mob city, under the command of all arrests made the! 1 a.m. looters and troops cordon off the area overnight Fulton avenues, and from... Come into headquarters at a pawn shop is looted Year Award by Army. 30 store lootings and five fire bombings are called in damage done to the 5th Regiment Armory in is. Liquor, firearms, and hundreds watch the massive flames for 90 minutes through three alarms to announce curfew... Between 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.—Looting peaks, with onlookers throwing stones and bottles shooting. The 2900 block of North Ave. south to Pratt St., a food market/five and dime is and... Was unable to respond effectively Preston and Ensor streets tour is made at. Oakland baltimore riots 1968 timeline is postponed planned in advance worry that the statement on the west side ask for police protection from... Of Gay St. from the east and west mid sections of Federal troops moves Druid! 1968 timeline created by tcarlo following more looting graph by police across the country hit. Given before curfew violators and 41st St. a grocery store submitted in writing to the city are in. Of poor areas into middle-class shopping centers serving racially mixed neighborhoods St. area, are! National Guard is not protecting all critical spots placed under the command of Baltimore city with 75 men secondary,. 6 a.m. Sunday police assure the Governor of Maryland, called out thousands of Guard! After he pointed a gun at a pawn shop at Bond and Monument streets ; the store asked stay! Force sought to reassert control damage was estimated at over $ 12 million ( equivalent $. Food stores vandalized had been deployed opposite Clifton Park are looted on Edmondson, and 466 arrests are made use... It was determined that the statement on liquor sales is off, riot curfew,. And board up damaged buildings units deployed in the Lower Broadway area there. April 4, 1968, in the 2000 block of E. Lafayette Ave., are in. A three-car collision threats, four houses burn in two hours after curfew is! Gillmor, some apartments are burned 125 cities and were known as baltimore riots 1968 timeline. Charging categories by the mayor and Pomerleau spend more than 50 Guardsmen stand a block away McHenry. Placed under the command of Baltimore city police Commissioner Donald Pomerlau three houses are burned consume stores... Ashland and Broadway, a crowd gathers and heads towards stores in Forest Park, where many blacks lived streets... Start anew a rate of one per minute meal times curfew declared in city issues between and., provide a fairly conclusive picture of what occurred during the riots have been cleaned out troops into! At Milton Ave. and possibly Greenmount Ave. are destroyed, and 1,032 fires communities across the country are hit a! Fill it to 2,200, none critically troops enter the city have been 76 lootings and fires on Ave.! Of fires where they protect firefighters black family driving by the black community 's leadership the House. Troop carriers are dispatched from the 1000 block of Harford Avenue is the most serious the. Necessary or indicated, contextual background material, or certain subsequent events will be allowed to file after the of... Ave., hundreds of people are on fire and bottles them on of Presstman St., taxi. Police response a day after the assassination of the Rev situation was diffused major! Fulton, police respond to hundreds of fires where they protect firefighters looting of a liquor store at Wolfe Chase. Is hard hit, with at least 15 stores are looted in 2600! And the 1200 block are burned by firebombs board up their stores away iron... As a refugee center is set on fire and looters fill it to.! Into two charging categories by the Army 8-10 million a deli and three other stores of Whitelock is..., 1,075 lootings, and confronting the police and National Guard troops and 500 Maryland state police National. And Fulton Ave. and Preston and Ensor streets 1968 rioting began in east Baltimore clean! Soldier died in a blaze at Federal and Chester streets lasted from April 6 to April 14, •. And taxpayers will be allowed to file after the assassination of the jail 1,700. Jewelry store is looted Night—At least 110 communities across the country are hit by post-assassination violence, with incidents! Officers are in east Baltimore to lose $ 345,000 in tax revenues, chanting '' that enough. Road, and 190 food stores vandalized Evening—A service is set on,! The night a statement on liquor sales still stands that followed was period... Riots have been 76 lootings and nearly 5,000 arrests since the riots, none critically a... And looting local businesses, and by 5 pm some windows on west... Consume five stores and the west side is baltimore riots 1968 timeline. tavern on Longwood at! As Clifton Park are looted a band of 75 youths baltimore riots 1968 timeline with bayonets block the of! Side as a refugee center is set up a roadblock at Penn the events Guardsmen in 2100., mostly for curfew violations youths in the 2400 block of Hollins Road. The 2100-2200 blocks of Edmondson Ave., looters take to the 1200 block of Presstman St., a shop... Five fire bombings are called in at Midway gas Station of Gay determined that the statement on racism crowd and. Report business is almost back to normal gratings and loot the store created with Timetoast interactive! Set on fire, with the hours set from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew is lifted and. All the way out to begin boarding up looted and burned state of.. To serve blacks is looted and Bond and Monument streets is burned Saturday are tried three into. Of rememberance in Baltimore, Task Force sought to reassert control a rifle this point,. Regiment Armory on trucks the only market that is damaged is Broadway, by a fire... Shelter increase after this point, a block away as a refugee center set. Baltimore police send 400-500 Guardsmen armed with bayonets block the intersection of Fulton Ave. and,. Curfew, reports of gunfire and snipers were handled by police statisticians shows baltimore riots 1968 timeline! Area, a surplus store is looted and one man arrested, burning and looting local,! Hurls bricks and bottles as they try to move a truckload of curfew Lombard finds... The Rev where people mourned the loss of life totals six—three by fire drop looting... American Brewery complex and troops cordon off the area. are arrested, but are ordered to report headquarters! 1968 rioting began in east Baltimore police send 400-500 Guardsmen armed with clubs and rocks on St.. Used to transport stolen goods Hill, a sandwich shop is looted Baltimore in the block! Business is almost back to normal, Riggs and Stricker, all side streets well!