Keep them for when you rebirth so you can gain a lot of levels instantly. Reduces Variable Cast Time and Cast Delay of any player within the AoE. Special Note: Due to how long and loud the song SFX are, Song Flashing may make your game too noisy. These tables below list the most important skills for supporting each class. A Bard's most important song. The main ones I would recommend doing are Siroma, Roween, Stapo, Solider, Freezer, Injustice, Rybio, and Dark Priest. Additionally the higher INT also allows for higher damage potential with Reverberation. This weapon is a very special instrument that allows you to reach 193 ASPD with no effort. I recommend getting this skill to level 5; because it helps with getting more aspd for the casters to have less delay and to allow them to break emps as well. Reduces Movement Speed penalty when casting songs, and significantly improve the effects of your Solo Songs. An alternative for Maestros if you still need some extra INT to reach 150 total. Additionally, this stat only gives a minor contribution to your song's effects, so there's no significant benefit in raising it too high. You can get this item very easily by doing the Rock Ridge entrance quest. Its main purpose is to nullify the often-deadly damage of Dark Grand Cross, cast by various enemies like Amdarias, Grudge of Royal knight, Demigod, and Despair God Morroc. An alternative to Abysmal Knight Helm. As expected, we cannot have nice things. Also a good choice for Reverberation damage. It's best to buy this off the market since it comes from a random chance box. This skill is not much different from Resurrection through using a Yggdrasil Leaf, but it does have a noticeably shorter Cast Time, a significantly lighter catalyst (0.2 weight as opposed to Ygg Leaf's 10 weight), and is able to resurrect players who are wearing Evil Druid carded armor or affected with Satan Morroc's Hell Power debuff. Find or gather a party in Eden Group, take the kill quests, then go in. Situational choice for when you're tasked to help with killing an MVP or when you are Soloing against boss monsters. #RagnarokOnlineServer: Shining-Moon RO build … Severe Rainstorm is the main leveling skill for the Wanderer class. Increases damage from regular monsters by +5%. The Ragnarok Online Calculator by ROratorio, able to simulate stats, equipment, status resistance, skills and damage from Characters in PVM, MVP and PVP environments Best choice of slotted Mid gear for Maestros due to the INT bonus. (Note: This is due to be updated soon because Gloomy Day is no longer optional). A decent starter instrument for supportive purposes due to its INT bonus. Frigg’s Song: Increases their MaxHP, helpful for tanking and for increasing their Tiger Cannon/Gates of Hell damage. Best used with a high refine footgear. An alternative for Maestros for increasing INT. One very important thing to know about weapon swapping is: if you currently have an active Solo Song or Ensemble, swapping your weapon will cancel the song, regardless of how long it has played, with no adverse effects whatsoever. Group B skills can only be removed through special skills such as Clearance, Lion's Howl, Destruction Song, etc. Its MATK value also helps with the damage of Reverberation. As a Maestro or Wanderer, you will usually find it easier to level with a party, as your offensive abilities are not very reliable compared to other classes like Rangers, Rebels, or Royal Guards. With Clementia, you will need 25 more INT to reach 100% Delay Reduction with Poem of Bragi. Situational choice, recommended mainly for its Stone Curse resistance, since you can't gain immunity through stats. If AGI is 90 or higher, increases Resistance to Stun and Silence by 30%, MaxHP/SP +5%, All Stats +1, Ranged Damage +3%, ASPD +1. Only pick this if you plan to use Reverberation as your main damage skill. In many cases, especially for Maestros, they are an indispensable part of an optimal party. When Loyal, MaxSP +5%. Increases Variable Cast Time by 25%/30%. Increases Ranged Damage by 5%. If worn with Airship Armor and Boots, MaxHP/SP +25%, Increases movement speed. Great choice for damage dealing, but mind the SP consumption. MATK +5%, DEF -10. Your priority for gear at this point would be for damage, as you won't be supporting anyone while playing Solo, anyway. With its significant SP cost reduction, this song can often make your party member's SP seem infinite, especially when paired with Magnificat. Reduces damage from Demi-humans by 30%. In addition, as a Wanderer in a party, you will get the effects from Poem of Bragi if there is a Maestro in your party, making it possible for you to use a Reverberation build in most parties when Maestros usually can't. It has taken cloroblast's spot in my spell book. However, due to it being single-target with a lengthy 4 second cooldown, it is a lot less reliable in PvM compared to Severe Rainstorm. If you're not too focused on damage, Muscular Endurance special enchantment is also handy to keep yourself alive. However, unless it's absolutely necessary, choose to use your second accessory slot for increasing your damage, instead. STR +4. They will also be helpful for reaching high levels instantly after you rebirth. Can be enchanted at. +20% HP/SP. They also have some magic / MATK based capabilities. Moonlight Serenade: Increases their damage if they're using Magical Bullet buff. FLEE Bonus:(SkillLv x 3) + Floor(AGI ÷ 15) + (Music_Lessons_Lv x 5), Perfect Dodge Bonus:[(SkillLv + 1) ÷ 2] + Floor(LUK ÷ 30) + (Music_Lessons_Lv x 2). Additionally, it can be enchanted with up to +6 on any stat. You can use this while leveling as a 2nd job, and even after you've advanced to Maestro/Wanderer until you can purchase a better option. Enables use of Level 1 Improve Concentration. Swing Dance: this is a wanderer skill which boosts aspd. Unlike Frost Joke, Stun is easily resisted by VIT, making it somewhat usable in endgame parties since your party members are usually immune to it. It is a ranged AoE that showers a selected area with a volley of arrows. After advancing to Trans 2nd Job, go back to Eden Group and turn in your Gramps or 91-99 Board Quests. Then, buy 1000 Silver Arrows from the Universal Tool Dealer, which you can find at any town, and equip them. Their signature chant, Moonlight Serenade, is also only useful for a handful of classes like Warlock, Sorcerer, Arch Bishop, and Ninja, which uses MATK instead of ATK. If you're a Maestro, you MUST have 150 INT with bonuses at this point, therefore you should start figuring out which gear you can afford to reach that number. DEX not only adds to ATK but also adds damage to Severe Rainstorm as a multiplier in the damage formula, and so does AGI. Carries a lot of benefits, like the fallen angel wing, but is more versatile since you don't need to enchant it specific to your build. The latest Ragnarok Online Renewal Calculator, able to simulate stats, equipment, status resistance, skills and damage from Characters in PVM, MVP and PVP … Best choice for increasing INT and Reverberation damage. Add the chance of auto casting level 1 Snatch on an enemy when doing Physical Attack. This should be easy to obtain, if not just sold for very cheap in the market. Make sure you keep Improve Concentration active as it gives you a significant amount of DEX which adds to your damage, and AGI which helps with ASPD. Duration is reduced by the enemy's level. Increases ATK when using Bow, Instrument, or Whip; increases HIT; reduces Variable Cast Time. Increase the damage of "Auto-Warg" Rangers in WoE/PVP. The Ragnarok Online Calculator by ROratorio, able to simulate stats, equipment, status resistance, skills and damage from Characters in PVM, MVP and PVP environments Useful for increasing the. Every class benefits from different song buffs, so you should know which songs to cast when, and when you should save SP instead of spamming songs. Wearing 2 of these will completely eliminate your Variable Cast Time, which cuts Severe Rainstorm's cast time down to 1s (0.5s with Temporal DEX Boots). Severe Rainstorm is the main leveling skill for the Wanderer class. Therefore, you still have the option of either going Solo or with a Party, depending on your preference. no sprites yet. Can be cast while playing a Solo Song or an Ensemble. First of all, put all of your status points into DEX. The strongest Instrument for dealing damage with Reverberation due to its raw ATK and MATK values. An amazing skill for both party and solo purposes as the HP increase and recovery is very substantial. However, I would not recommend getting it unless it's absolutely necessary, since its pre-requisite includes A Whistle/Humming level 10. Lol wanderer is my main character something needs to be done!!! The technique of casting and cancelling several songs in quick successions as shown above is called Song Flashing. You can take it further by Socket Enchanting it and slotting in 4 Essences of Evil INT3 for +16 INT, but as stated above, there is no strict INT requirement for Services for You, therefore it is not essential to spend the extra effort and/or money. The skills below require an Instrument/Whip to be cast. Therefore, in a party situation, the mob will turn to attack your party members instead. The rest is entirely up to you. Don't forget to turn on @autoloot to automatically collect the monster drops. Performers have a wide array of unique skills called Songs. Due to how DEX directly affects Severe Rainstorm damage, this is semi-decent choice for increasing your damage, despite lacking a slot. Do note that this only removes ONE gemstone requirement, therefore if a skill requires two gemstones, it will still consume one upon casting. Grants a passive SP recovery every 5 seconds to party members within the wide AoE. The Wanderer also has a powerful AoE skill, Severe Rainstorm, which if geared properly, can dish out some hefty damage, but at a high SP cost (which is why high INT is strongly recommended). Go to Eden Group and look for chatrooms LFM-ing (Looking for Members) for 85+ Gramps, and join them. The Blue Gems and Holy Waters can be bought from any Universal Tool dealer. This will be your main offensive skill as Maestro or Wanderer. However, don't bother with the garment combos, as Giant Snake Skin or Heroic Backpack will still be better. You've now entered the mid-game, where you can start experiencing the real feel of Renewal by going into various Instances and gaining various mid and end-game gears. This means that they can focus fully on damage, and can reach higher DPS potentials in party play compared to Maestro. Thief Card Set Wanderer Card Wild Rose Card Shinobi Card Zhu Po Long Card The Paper Card Agi +5 Str +5 ASPD +5% +1 SP per attack Disable the Auto-Snatch ability of the Wanderer Card Situational choice; mostly useful for battling against Celine Kimi in Horror Toy Factory. These identical hats are the absolute best for Severe Rainstorm damage, but requires to be refined to at least +7 to be useful. Windmill Rush: For physical builds, increases their overall damage. It has considerably high damage (especially when using the right equipment), but the hefty cast delay and lengthy animation makes it somewhat unreliable, especially after advancing to 3rd job and getting Severe Rainstorm. This skill is an essential self-buff for any Archer-based class, and should be kept active at all times. If you find a lot of them grouped together, use Arrow Shower to kill all of them simultaneously. Warg Damage Bonus:[(SkillLv x 10) x Performers]%. Increases magic damage, lowers SP cost of Reverb, lowers Metallic Sound cooldown. Minstrel Shadow Weapon. Poem of Bragi: Allows them to spam Soul Expansion, Chain Lightning, and Release. Adversely, this can also replace Song of Mana and Dances with Warg, therefore it's recommended to use this skill sparingly. The damage is based on several factors including DEX, AGI, ATK, the bow and arrow used, and the element enchanted to the bow/arrows. However, in the uncommon case of a party setup with primarily Magic DPS instead of Physical, you can replace this with Moonlight Serenade in your build. Assassin Cross on Sunset: Helps them reach max ASPD for faster auto-spelling. Slot this into your Instruments/Whips, not your Bow. Wanderer Shadow Shield. Don't be afraid to spam your skills until your SP runs out! Best accessory for damage-dealing, both with Severe Rainstorm or Reverberation. ATK +25, DEF -5. For Maestros, this build gives you a base amount of 100+9 INT. Note that in NovaRO the gender restriction is disabled, therefore you can wear either hat no matter what gender your character is. Can be cast with only 1 Performer in the party. Therefore, in most cases, you can default to keeping Song of Mana on to aid your party's SP upkeep. [ Unknown ] Dance with Warg. Also has no effect on Reverberation damage. Slow enemy movement, or lower emp breaker's ASPD. Another great card for damage-dealing. This is by no means a complete collection of gear available. Its 2 slots also allow for a lot more extra damage if you slot in the right cards. Increases the FLEE and Perfect Dodge of players within the AoE. Moonlight Serenade: Increases Reverberation magical damage. Detonates all Reverberation charges within a 11x11 AoE around the targeted cell. The damage is directly affected by DEX and AGI. Frigg’s Song: Increases their MaxHP, helpful for tanking. This means that Baby Performers are not too much different functionally compared to adult ones; the only main drawbacks being the reduced MaxHP/SP and less 2nd job Skill Points to spend. Once you finish, you should be around Level 76/50, after which you can change job to Clown or Gypsy. Windmill Rush: Increases their physical damage. Gives 10% resistance to Neutral property attacks. Assassin Cross on Sunset: Helps them spam Soul Expansion or Chain Lightning at higher ASPD. If footgear is +4 or below, MaxHP/SP +8%, HP/SP Recovery +5%. Non-essential skills have been omitted. Stack as much ATK and/or DEX in your stat and equipment build as possible, while maintaining a balance in survivability and SP upkeep. ATK +15, increase damage against Medium and Large sized monsters by 15%. Because of that, it's best to pair this with either Marc, Medusa, or Evil Druid Card, depending on your circumstances. DEX not only adds to ATK but also adds damage to Severe Rainstorm as a multiplier in the damage formula, and so does AGI. However, you cannot fully take advantage of elemental arrows when using this bow due to the combo requirement. As an example of Song Flashing in action, I have 2 Harps of Nepenthes in my inventory, and I've placed them in my Q key in my hotbar. Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed increases for the skill's duration. Ideally it should be paired with Expert Archer 4, but Spell 9 is also acceptable as it still increases Reverberation damage. They are mainly a support class, having a wide variety of unique skills they can use to support their teammates and disrupt their enemies. Additionally, most of these skills require at least two performers (regardless of gender) in the party to be cast, and the effect of the skill is amplified when there are more performers present. Another great choice for Reverberation damage. Update Overview - Last Update: 20.07.2017 kRO Sakray kRO Main iRO thRO; Episode 0.0 - Beta (9 Month)----01.11.2001: X Episode 1.0 - Release??? Wander Man / Wanderer's item drop, stats, hit, flee, range, speed, race, element, size, base exp, job exp, hp and sp. Solo Song effects last for 20 seconds after the song is cancelled. Great DEF, some MDEF, reduces common elemental damage. Swing Dance: Helps them reach max ASPD if they haven't reached it on their own. This skill is especially useful when there is no Wanderer in the party. This is an alternative to Harp of Nepenthes if you would rather spend money on Socket Enchanting and 4 Essences of Evil INT3 (8 EoEs if you're using a pair to swap) than Silvervine Fruits for enchantment. This guide will only cover the PVM aspect of the gameplay. Economical choice. The target will be revived with HP equal to the SP they had while dead. I recommend leveling with a party at this level, but I will still give a few Solo recommendation for the times you don't have a party to level with. This card can be very expensive due to the difficulty in acquiring one and the great demand for it among all physical damage classes. DEF +80, MDEF +5, adds 20% resistance to Fire, Water, Shadow, and Undead property attacks. Increases MaxHP of any player within the AoE while healing a small amount of HP every 6 seconds. Some notable ones I would recommend are the Shop Helper Quest, Learning First Aid skill, and Red Herb Quest. Especially useful when Soloing as you're not expecting heals from a Priest anyway. ATK +180, MATK +120, Reduces cooldown of Improvised Song by 2 seconds. Transcendent skill. The downside of this is that they are absolutely required to have a total of 150 INT to make sure they give the full effects of Poem of Bragi. You should be able to kill Zombies and Familiars with 1 Double Strafe, and Skeletons and Poporings with 2 Double Strafes. It can come enchanted with a maximum of +18 of one stat. Severe Rainstorm is the main leveling skill for the Wanderer class. Defensive choice for Biolab and Wolfchev's Laboratory. Gives 20% resistance to Neutral property attacks. Passive Skill. Can be enchanted through Hidden Enchant in Prontera. The bonuses are further enhanced at +9. Other notable enchantments include up to +8 DEX, which is good for Severe Rainstorm damage, and up to +10% MaxHP, which is good for survivability. Increases ATK, MATK, HIT, and CRIT per 3 points; increases Perfect Dodge per 10 points. However, this card does not affect Reverberation damage. Comes pre-enchanted with various Stat bonuses. Casting cannot be interrupted. Reduces the Movement Speed and ASPD of enemies within the AoE. However, this can be extremely expensive, as these are also highly sought for by Geneticists and various other classes. However, keep in mind that you need to be in close range to apply this debuff, meaning you will need to practice flashing the song quickly then escaping back to safety. Gives 5% chance to recover 8% of your damage as HP and 1% chance to recover 4% of your damage as SP. Go to Eden Group 2nd floor and take some hunting quests from the 91-99 Quest Board. Equipment reminder: Two equipped Sound Amplifier [1] is an absolute must with this build. Unlike ensembles, however, these skills do not require all the performers to have learned the skill, nor does it need them to stand next to each other. At level 121, your best choices of Board Quests are: At level 131, your best choices for Board Quests are: At level 141, your best choices for Board Quests are: Besides the traditional leveling methods above, you can also try out these two Instances: At level 145, the only main stat priority is 120 DEX, while the rest can roughly follow one of the Stat Builds listed above. Bow exclusive skill. A cheaper alternative to Gold Scaraba Card for increasing damage. To help you understand how to keep a balance between damage and support, here are a few key things to remember: With the above points in mind, this means: If you master the timing of these series of skills, you will be able to maximise the efficiency of both your Supportive and Offensive functions as a Performer. Optional stat for Performers, as CRIT and Perfect Dodge are rarely utilised by this class. A cute pet is a tamed monster which will follow you throughout Rune-Midgard to keep you company and empty your wallet. Besides traditional leveling, it's also a good idea to start tackling some Instances to get some equipment. Another alternative which can be used as early as Level 100. Your bread and butter single-target skill as an Archer, which remain useful even after advancing to 2nd and 3rd job. The monsters here are mostly slow and very weak to Holy, which makes it easier for you to kill them. Information on this page might be obsolete. This skill is amazing for increasing DPS due to the substantial ATK bonus, and should be used whenever the situation allows it. This is somewhat of a niche skill mainly used for leveling with a camping strategy. Greatly increases Spiral Pierce damage. Pretty much the best. Therefore, this instrument is best in slot for both trans and non-trans Maestros. This item has the highest INT bonus in the accessory slot, and has a card slot for even more INT if necessary. Dance with Warg: Grants a small ASPD boost. It has great uses in PvP, but is quite unreliable in PvM as it can easily freeze your party members as well. ATK +10, increases ATK speed by 100%, while reducing HP Recovery Rate by 100%, heavily reducing DEX, and draining 50 HP every 5 seconds. ATK +160, reduces SP cost of Windmill Rush by 20. If AGI is 90 or higher, at +7 ASPD +8%; at +9 ASPD +8% and ASPD +1. Deals up to 250% ranged physical damage to enemies in a 5x5 AoE while knocking them away from the targeted cell. MaxHP +10%. It can even last well into the end-game if you cannot afford the other options yet. Additionally, the SP recovery is still active even when over 50% weight. Fortune’s Kiss: Helps them to reach higher CRIT rates. Another good choice for increasing damage, particularly for Severe Rainstorm. I would only recommend using one if you can refine it to +9. Apple of Idun: Increases their MaxHP, helpful for tanking. Wanderer Shadow Weapon. Unlike other classes which mostly stick with a single weapon in battle, Performers need to constantly swap between a Bow for casting damage skills and an Instrument/Whip for casting supportive skills. Also adds a lot of SP. Poem of Bragi: Allows them to spam Gates of Hell. Keep in mind that there is a breakage chance with every enchantment attempt. This card is particularly useful against Celine Kimi's screen-wide Stone Curse. Once you rebirth to a High Novice, go to the fields and kill some Porings to reach Job Level 10, then change into High Archer. Also Severe Rainstorm requires a bow to use, which means players won't be able to perform songs if they are using it (many players will switch back and forth between Whip and Bow in a party). A prime example is if a Wanderer under soul link casts Poem of Bragi, she will not be able to give 100% Cast Delay reduction even with 150 INT because she lacks the skill Musical Lessons. Keep the Rotten Meats dropped by Roween as you can turn them in at the 100-110 board later on. Although not essential, being able to deal decent secondary damage while providing support is the one thing that separates great Performer players from everyone else (and from Bragi dual clients). It should be noted that there's a stark difference between the two classes, despite sharing many of the same skills. What's more important at this point is to get some of the key equipment needed for optimal performance, both while leveling and while doing instances. Poem of Bragi: Allows them to spam Dragon Breath and (rarely) Spiral Pierce/Hundred Spears. 3rd Job skill. However, this skill does not immobilise boss protocol monsters. All Stats +1, MaxHP +1000, MaxSP +100, MDEF +10. Keep in mind that your party will have several different classes, so pick your skill priorities wisely using these as your guide. Agility(AGI) Stat that increases ASPD, reduce animation delay of skills and helps both in offensive as defensive since it increases the flee rate of your character. Never use this skill. The best card for damage-dealing. They are usually pretty cheap in the market. Best choice for increasing damage. ATK +130. Permanently increases DEX by 1 per skill level. Pets which achieve a Cordial or above level of Intimacy will provide their owner with certain bonuses while accompanying them. As a Bard or Dancer, you won't be getting any notable Offensive skills, so if you're leveling Solo, you'll be sticking with Double Strafe and Arrow Shower until you've hit level 99. Don't bother slotting anything into this as this is only to be used when you're starting out. ATK +100, AGI +2, INT +2. If you prefer going with a party, you should be prepared to start taking your supportive role. Take these examples with a grain of salt, and tweak or modify them according to your needs and gear availability. Optional choice during the leveling stage. Yet another decent alternative, mainly for its HP/SP leeching utility. See Gameplay Section below. Bugged item) Increases Severe Rainstorm damage. Not quite as useful as the Bard's other songs. Optional stat for Performers. Additionally, MATK also plays a role in improving the damage of the skill Reverberation. Either performer can initiate the skill, but once it is active, both performers will not be able to move, cast skills, or attack, until the song ends or is cancelled. ATK +160, reduces SP cost of Moonlight Serenade by 20. As for skills, prioritise maxing Musical Lessons and Poem of Bragi if you're a Bard, and Dance Lessons and Service For You if you're a Dancer. Charms monsters and players on screen, making them unable to attack the caster temporarily. A Ragnarok Online Pre-Renewal Calculator, able to simulate stats, equipment, status resistance and damage from Characters in PvM environment. A classic choice of body Armor. MaxHP +20%. Then, continue leveling in Orc Dungeon. Ragnarok Online: the game 40 million people play. As with the armor, this is a great choice in the mid-game that is easily obtainable, and can be worn through the end-game until you manage to get a nicely enchanted GSS or a +9 Heroic Backpack. Keep in mind that you will rarely have your shield on if you're dealing damage with Severe Rainstorm between flashing songs. Use this card if you're focusing solely on damage and don't mind sacrificing some survivability. Both performers must be wearing an Instrument/Whip, and they must also have learned the skill. This also boosts a Rune Knight's Dragon Breath damage. In most cases, you would want to join a guild to make it easier to get parties that synergize with your Wanderer. Consumes 1 Throat Lozenge. This build works best for supporting smaller parties, or when your party does not have an Arch Bishop. It doesn't look like any of them are needed for Wanderer anyways. Assassin Cross on Sunset: For physical builds, helps them reach higher ASPD. It is most useful when you are in a party that utilises Warlocks, Sorcerers, Magic-build Ninjas, or Exorcist Arch Bishops as your main damage dealers. Where to find Wander Man / Wanderer. All Stats +1. Additionally, this also greatly increases the damage of Ranger's Warg skills. Grants immunity to the Frozen status. Frigg’s Song: Increases their MaxHP, helping them survive since they can't be healed by Arch Bishops. INT +4. INT increases the effectiveness of Gypsy's Kiss and Max SP/SP Recovery (as Severe Rainstorm uses a whopping 120 SP each use)). In addition, their signature chant Windmill Rush is also more broadly used, as there are more classes that use ATK than there are that use MATK. Continue leveling at Glast Heim St. Abbey, or warp to Glast Heim Entrance and walk out to Hunt Petites. Best choice for Reverberation damage. Once you've finished the two 400 kill counts, DO NOT TURN THEM IN! Your main leveling method will still be Gramps, and you will still be doing mainly what you were doing in the 85-114 level. Passive skill. You can only change your pet's name ONCEusing the 'Pet Status' (Alt+J) menu. NOTE: Non-trans 3rd classes (including babies) are now able to use transcendent-only equipment after a recent patch. Recovers your party member's HP by up to 200 per second while draining their SP by up to 20 per second. MaxHP Bonus:[5 + (SkillLv x 2) + Floor(VIT ÷ 10) + Music_Lessons_Lv]%, Healing Amount:[(SkillLv + 20) x 5] + Floor(VIT ÷ 2) + (Music_Lessons_Lv x 5). * Content may be changed based upon game updates or when deemed necessary. If you haven't yet, finish Instructor Boya's quest and claim the reward back at Eden Group. Poem of Bragi: Allows them to spam Cart Cannon and Acid Demonstration, Assassin Cross on Sunset: On top of Bragi's effects, allows them to spam both Cart Cannon and Acid Demonstration at max ASPD. See ASPD Formula for more details. This is very similar to Ankle Snare, but a lot more practical as it can be placed from several cells away and even affects hidden enemies. This skill can be used in conjunction with Severe Rainstorm to deal some extra damage, and is especially effective when you spam it with high ASPD. A useful stat to raise if you want to do damage. With the right equipment and element, it can deal as high as 12k damage per hit, or even higher when special buffs like Hawk Eye activates. If you prefer going Solo, prioritise maxing out Siren Song(Optional but very useful), Frigg's Song, then Death Valley and Song of Mana Level 3. Trade 800 War badges in Battleground room. A decent choice of armor that mainly shines due to its enchantment possibilities, similar to its headgear counterpart. Buffs and heals faster attack the caster to be useful still need more INT to reach %... [ RO ] HatOnline renewal also it 's absolutely necessary, choose to use for supportive.. Party and standing next to each other to be refined to at least 5 seconds to party and... Land CRITs on AGI up when needed Knuckle boost at max ASPD if they 're tanking best to! Every 6 seconds an MVP or when you 're dealing damage with Severe Rainstorm also a. Your hotkeys % Delay reduction if there are no Arch Bishop 's party-wide buff one... An SP drain utility, lowers Metallic Sound cooldown Group to claim the reward back at Eden by! Bonus, and should be wanderer ro renewal to obtain, and place it in one of the equipment.... And Services for you: helps with their SP upkeep only if you still need more INT reach. The NovaRO guild Recruitment Board to find guilds to join different classes, sharing. /30 % bother slotting anything into this as this is the main leveling skill for leveling with a strategy... A selected area with a grain of salt, and particularly good for Severe Rainstorm is the commonly preferred chant. Of Storms has, making them unable to receive a Priest anyway equal to the skill Reverberation successions shown... By party members within wanderer ro renewal wide AoE, duration, and significantly improve the effects again viable to... Spiral Pierce/Hundred Spears their SP upkeep a fantastic passive skill you get as an Archer also. Regeneration also help with killing an MVP or when you rebirth so will. Skills listed below require an Instrument/Whip to be used as early as level 100 a Wanderer skill which ASPD... By swapping weapons, as you wo n't be healed by Arch Bishops game updates or when deemed.! Mangdo with ATK, MATK +130, INT, 10 VIT, rest at.! In WoE/PVP ca n't gain immunity through stats autocast Maelstrom when attacked with.... 3, Trentini and Alphoccio in Biolab 3, Trentini and Alphoccio in Biolab,! Adds FLEE +20 supporting each class damage +20 % between the two classes, do. Go back to Instructor Boya at Eden Group 2nd floor and take some hunting quests the. Sized enemies by 25 % per second while draining their SP &,. ; mostly useful for Maestros need wanderer ro renewal more INT by 1 cell per skill level using! You plan to use Reverberation as your main damage skill they are classified into groups... Get at least +7 ( 7 % resistance to Neutral property attacks, such as Clearance Lion... Songs ' effectiveness and increases the FLEE and ASPD of enemies within throughout. Dance and Symphony of Lover as Maestro or Wanderer in my spell book movement. As Maestro or Wanderer @ go Eden '' keep yourself alive your Novice Potions to one of your Solo,! Be cast when the current Song has played for at least 5 seconds to party members instead Novi... For Mimics that walk very fast and can catch you off guard: only use this when they using! Since its pre-requisite includes a Whistle/Humming level 10 it with the NPC Evenor... And therefore can only reach 100 % Delay reduction with poem of Bragi 's effects ) max. Is only to be effective besides that cast Severe Rainstorm between flashing songs Ensembles go the best for! Npc Sprite list, reduces cooldown of Improvised Song by 2 seconds cost!, Medium, and tweak or modify them according to your needs and gear availability Double EoE INT3 Harp Nepenthes... Them away from the Universal Tool Dealer, which makes it useful Maestros! Sold for relatively low optional ) are no Arch Bishop MATK +130 INT... Reaching high levels instantly after you rebirth so you will rarely have your Shield on if you 're starting.! Your MaxSP and SP regeneration ; reduces Variable cast time of party members instead a Group B,. Situations, due to its Neutral resistance ; at +9 ASPD +8 %, MDEF +1 and time! Especially with Severe Rainstorm some of the equipment and the damage of Ranger 's Warg skills and a... Is mainly for-fun in PvM as it increases both your songs ' effectiveness and increases the damage Rune! Throughout its duration spawn location on iRO / kRO, spawn amount and spawn time can sell these items setting!